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JMC Light Truck 1,5-5 Tons

Engine EURO I: 2771/57, EURO II: JX493ZQ4A, EURO III: JX493ZLQ3
Displacement (ml)/Power(kw) EURO I: 27771/57, EURO II: 27771/62, EURO III: 27771/85
Max Torque EURO I: 172/2000, EURO II: 210/2000, EURO III: 285/2000
Transmission model EURO I: MSB-5M, EURO II: MSB-5M, EURO III: JC528T6
Min Turning diameter (m) 13.6
Tire 7.0R16
Max, speed (km/h) 100
Payload (kg) EURO I, EURO II: single:3000,king:2750,double:2500, EURO III: single:3365,king:3365,double:3170
GVW(kg) “> EURO I, EURO II: single:5345,king:5080,double:4900, EURO III: single:5790,king:5865,double:5935
Tread front/rear (mm) 1385/1425
Seat capacity 2 2 2


JMC is one of the leading automotive manufacturers in China, specializing in commercial vehicles such as single & double cab 2WD & 4WD Utes and Light truck (1.5-5 tons)

Performance & Reliability :
a. Classic Izuzu Engine & TDCi tech
b. Average Fuel Consumption 8L/100 km
c. Fuel efficient and durable : 400,000 km without overhaul
d. The most developed EURO III diesel engine in Chinese market
e. Use BOSCH common rail system
f. Smooth transfer of torque
g. Transmission manufactured by German’s MT (Ford supplier)
h. Well matched gear ratio
i. Constant Velocity joint
j. Good gear transmisson performance and low noise
k. ABS Compatible
l. High speed stability and precise steering
m. Spacious and comfortable cabin
n. Modern look head lamp

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