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Type : HCR-910DS

Operating weight (standard cab) : 10,450 kg
Overall length/Width/Height : 8,635 x 2,865 x 2,890 mm
Drifter model : HD709
No of percussion : 2,250-2,500 min-1
Undercarriage trakc length : 2,785 mm
Ground clearance : 550 mm
Oscilation angle : +/- 10˚
Gradeability : 57.7% (30˚)
Engine model : C7 by CATERPILLAR
Output power : 168 kW/2,200 min
Fuel tank Capacity : 320 I
Max rod pull force : 24.5 N
No of Rod : 4
Recommended Bit Diameter : 65mm-90mm


Type : HC1200-DSIII

Operating weight (standard cab) : 11,900 kg
Overall length/Width/Height : 9,210 x 3,355 x 3,010 mm
Drifter model : HD712
No of percussion : 2,300-2,500 min-1
Undercarriage trakc length : 3,159 mm
Ground clearance : 585 mm
Oscilation angle : +/- 7.5˚
Gradeability : 57.7% (30˚)
Engine model : C7 by CATERPILLAR
Output power : 168 kW/2,200 min
Fuel tank Capacity : 320 I
Max rod pull force : 31.4 kN
No of Rod : 4
Recommended Bit Diameter : 76mm-102mm



FRD has developed the Dual Damper System (DDS),a first in the industry. For maximum energy transfer,active DDS minimizes return of shock waves by keeping the bit firmly againts the rock at all times during drilling.

FRD series drifter is designed to minimize drill noise and vibration without sacrificing performance.

The Reverse Percussion System (RPS) makes it easier to free a stuck rod.

Powerfule CAT engine is fully compliant with tire 3/ Euro stage-3 emission contol. It gives full control for easy drilling

By using power saving swithc, fuel consumption is reduced during light work condition (Maximum 30% reduction on previous mode)

High Capacity compresssor & Dust collector, high output compressor increases flushing air, provides faster drilling and decrease bit wear. The upgraded dust collector has a suction capacity. The dust collector includes an effective pre-cleaner to reduce the escape available for difficult drilling condition

Heavy duty track flames provide strenth and durability.

The entire machine oscillates up-down 10 degrees total 20 degree to maintain machine level.

New design comfort cab provides large windows at front and on the right side to maximize operator visibility. Cab is air conditioned and pressurized with air filter to keep out the dust

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